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Pair of Vintage 1950's Brass Candlestick Table Lamps

Pair of Vintage 1950's Brass Candlestick Table Lamps

SKU: 0006

These 1950s vintage table lamps are beautifully elegant with their curved stacked bodies, a hallmark of the 'turned brass' design.


The brass surfaces boast a charming speckled patina, showcasing the unique history of each lamp. Reminiscent of candlestick styles, these lamps carry a nostalgic charm, harking back to an era when candlelight illuminated spaces.


The circular plinth base adds stability and complements the overall aesthetic. These lamps not only serve as functional lighting but also stand as exquisite pieces of mid-century decor.


For enthusiasts seeking a cohesive ambiance, a matching floor lamp is available for purchase seperately, completing a beautiful vintage set .


    Material: Brass

    Height: 55cm

    Diameter: 14.5cm

    Period: Circa 1950's

    Light Fittings: 1 Light Fitting Each.



    Wired inline with UK law standards.

    Please check that the wiring is compliant in your country.

    Rewired with Bronze Silk Twisted 3core Flex.

    Brass BC Holders with Top Switches Fitted.

    13Amp Plugs.

    PAT Tested, Pass Certificate Attached

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