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  • How Do I Purchase a Chandelier or a Light from Fiat Lux?
    You can purchase any available item or light online and in store. You can also enquire or request any additional services via email or on our contact us page. You can also visit our store and purchase.
  • How Do I Request a Restoration, Conversion or Installation?"
    Fill out and submit a form via our website or alternatively call us in store on 0207-381-2887. We will e-mail you to disscuss your wishes further or request photgraphs, measurements and other infomation to suopport us in assisting you. Please be aware that our pricing will vary; this is due to the nature of restoration. We deal with delicate, fragile items difficult and complicated lighting both antique and modern. Only upon review and anaylsis via our specialist team will we be able to judge the difficulty of a project and determine the work that will need to be carried out. We always aim to keep lights as original as possible and will keep any usable parts to keep restoration costs as minimal as possible.
  • What Payment Options are Available?
    You are able to pay via Debit or Credit Card online and in store. Bank Transfer and Cash are accepted in store only.
  • How Long Will My Order Take to Complete?
    As order specifications and technical needs vary vastly please contact us directly and request your personal estimated order completion time.
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