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Pair of 1950's Crystal Bubble Table Lamps.

Pair of 1950's Crystal Bubble Table Lamps.

SKU: 0007

An exquisite pair of 1950's Crystal Bubble Table Lamps.


These captivating lamps feature two crystal spheres perched gracefully atop solid black polished stone bases, exuding a sense of opulence and sophistication. The crystal spheres themselves are a sight to behold, with mesmerising bubble effects trapped inside, creating a unique and intriguing visual display. When viewed from different angles, the bubbles inside the crystal spheres cast a breathtaking rainbow effect that will enchant anyone in its presence.


The silver detailing adorns the lamps beautifully and complements the clear crystal, adding a touch of contemporary flair. Though substantial in weight due to their premium quality materials, these lamps are a stunning example of art deco style that will effortlessly jazz up any interior space. 


Their timeless black and clear crystal color palette ensures they harmonize perfectly with both vintage and contemporary design aesthetics. Bring home these vintage gems and let them illuminate your space with timeless beauty and allure.


As seen in the photographs one of the lamps is slightly chipped on the base, Luckily the chip is at the back and the bottom of the lamp base where the wire comes through. If situated well it will not be noticeable and doesn't take away from the lamps beauty.


    Materials: Crystal | Stone

    Height: 37cm

    Width: 13.5cm 

    Period: 1950's

    Light Fittings: 1 Light Fitting Each.



    Wired inline with UK law standards.

    Please check that the wiring is compliant in your country.

    1 Light Fitting Each

    Rewired with Black Silk Twisted 3core Flex.

    Nickel BC Top Switch Holders Fitted.

    13Amp Plugs.

    PAT Tested, Pass Certificate Attached.

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