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Pair of Antique 1800's Mirrored Wall Lights

Pair of Antique 1800's Mirrored Wall Lights


A world of timeless elegance with this beautiful pair of 1800s wall lights, each one uniquely complemented with original antiqued aged mirrors.


The allure of these exquisite pieces lies not only in their remarkable design but also in the captivating patina and ageing they boast.

The rich history behind these wall lights adds immeasurable character, making them stand out as eye-catching masterpieces in any space Imagine the stories these wall lights could tell, having witnessed the passage of time and the evolution of design trends over the centuries.


The patina and aging on each piece lend a sense of authenticity and charm that is simply unparalleled, making them truly one-of-a-kind treasures Features an ornate dark bronze coloured frame with antique drip candle sleeves.


    Material: Bronze

    Height: 49.5cm

    Width: 31.4cm

    Light Fittings: 1 Light Fitting each

    Period: C.1800's



    Wired with 3Core Flex

    SES Candle Fitting Holders.

    One Light Fitting Each.

    PAT Tested.

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