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Antique Victorian Nickel Column Table Lamp

Antique Victorian Nickel Column Table Lamp


The nickel Victorian candlestick-style table lamp exudes an air of grace and elegance with its intricate openwork decoration of scrolls and foliage.


The finely crafted design captures the essence of Victorian aesthetics, showcasing a harmonious blend of delicate curves and ornate details.


However, subtle traces of oxidation on the nickel surface add a touch of antiquity, hinting at the passage of time and enhancing the lamp's vintage charm.


A testament to the rich design heritage of the Victorian era.


    Material: Nickel

    Height: 51.5cm

    Width: 12.5cm 

    Depth: 12.5cm 


    Light Fittings: 1 Light Fitting


    Wired inline with UK law standards.

    Please check that the wiring is compliant in your country.

    Rewired with Silver Twisted 3core Flex.

    Nickel BC Holder  with Top Switch Fitted.

    13Amp Plugs.

    PAT Tested, Pass Certificate Attached

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